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Available Facilities

Landlords can offer different facilities that can vary greatly from one camp to another. There are camps with complimentary facilities and there are those that charge an extra premium. Some of the basic facilities that must be offered include gas, air conditioning, and enough drinking water supply. Other facilities that can also be offered are CCTV, 24/7 security, water coolers, and Wi-Fi. Recreation facilities must also be available such as outdoor activity areas like football and cricket and indoor areas wherein workers can enjoy reading magazines and books. There should also be TV areas together with DVD players so that workers can relax as they watch movies or shows.

Capacity and Room Quantity

Before you get in touch with any labor camp accommodation, it is also important for you to clearly understand the specific needs of your company. Are you looking for a full camp that wouldn’t be shared with other companies’ workers? Do you just need an entire building floor reserved exclusively for your staff? Or do you just need a specific number of rooms? Every room must have enough beds for the occupants as well as storage facilities like wall lockers for the occupants’ personal items. The beds must not be shared by the workers working night and day shifts. The use of triple deck bunks or more are not allowed. Rooms must also be able to accommodate 10 persons at maximum. It is also possible to get unfurnished and furnished rooms. Just make sure you establish if there is provided furniture before you close the deal.