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How will your workforce travel to their workplace from their accommodation? Are you planning to have all of your workers accommodated in the same area or in several areas all over the city? It is common to see buses on the roads of Dubai that transport blue collar workers although serious delays can happen due to rush hour traffic.

According to the Roadway, Transportation and Traffic Safety Research Centre, there are 10,000 crashes in the UAE every year so you would be able to save more time if the accommodation of your labor workforce is near their workplace. You should also know that ay entertainment or event sites near the labor camps like large scale events could have major impacts on the flow of traffic.

Labor camps are usually situated in built-up industrial locations that have limited parking. It could be a problem if you are providing your workers with transport and you have to park a bus outside the labor camp. Picking a camp that is near your workplace or office like sonapur, al barsha, al quoz would be able to significantly lower your costs. There are also areas where workers can even walk to their workplace from their accommodation. But, it isn’t always possible so choose a camp without enough parking as well as easy access to all the main roads to reduce associated costs and travel time.