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There is a constant handing over of new labor camps together with the rising demand for quality labor camps or staff accommodation in Dubai (Al Quoz, Al Barsha, Sonapur). New camps offer a long list of benefits like modern layouts. These are also equipped with newer fittings and fixtures. But, just like with any new property, you can always expect some teething issues. Make sure you check the air condition, gas, and water services and see if all of them work properly before you let your workforce move in. In addition, for newly built camps, it is also possible that a nearby construction is still ongoing. It can then result to an increased amount of dust and dirt that might accumulate in the camp, resulting to more expenses for cleaning.

Everyone enjoys and needs some down time every now and then and the blue collar workers are definitely not an exemption. You can boost employee morale if there are nearby facilities like parks, supermarkets, and bus stops so they don’t just remain confined inside the camp walls. Depending on your chosen area, there are camps with access to Dubai shopping and metro malls. Camps are also legally required to have a prayer room and medical room on the site.